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Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection gets its second major update, as developer Apyr remains committed to fixing the issues from its launch.

  • Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection update fixes bugs, improves gameplay experience for fans of the classic Battlefront games.
  •  Aspyr remains committed to addressing launch issues with frequent updates, enhancing player experience across all platforms.
  •  With new inclusions and updates, Battlefront Classic Collection offers nostalgic gameplay while attracting new players to the franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has received a new update focused on fixing many of the issues the game launched with. Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is a remastered collection of the first two releases in the Battlefront series, something that fans have been requesting for a long time. Although there were Star Wars fans who enjoyed the Battlefront reboot, many of these gamers have cited nostalgia for the classic Star Wars Battlefront games, and developer Aspyr released the collection on March 14, 2024.

Initially, gamers were very excited to see a developer deliver on such a greatly desired release, but Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection faced numerous launch issues. Developer Aspyr has remained committed to fixing all the problems and fine-tuning the release until it is in the best shape possible.

The second major update for Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has been released. The updates include plenty of bug fixes, adding to the list of bugs that the first major update for Star Wars Battlefont Classic Collection dealt with. These fixes include an issue preventing players from joining servers on PlayStation, incorrect button prompts on Steam, a problem on the Nintendo Switch that caused loading screens to last longer than usual when selecting games, and enemy AI fixes for all platforms. Overall, the update further tackles quality of life issues and improves the gameplay experience.

Considering the massive popularity of online multiplayer games in this generation, plenty of gamers believe that Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection couldn’t have come at a better time. The Battlefront Classic Collection has a great chance to amass a growing number of players and the games are distinct in their own way, offering the Star Wars aesthetic and a gameplay style that offers variety from modern contemporaries like Fortnite and Helldivers 2. Many players are hoping that Aspyr fixes all of its issues before player interest dwindles.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection has several new inclusions that have fans excited, and the game comes at a great time for the Star Wars series, as this is not the only gaming option within the franchise. Star Wars Outlaws is approaching its August release and although it has had its own share of controversies regarding the inclusion of content, gamers are excited about the possibility to explore the universe further, this time through the lens of the criminal underworld. With a passionate fanbase and expansive lore, the franchise has plenty of potential to continue impressing gamers.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Update 2 Patch Notes

All Platforms

  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an issue with there being no audio or visual feedback when pressing Refresh in Server list.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the grate textures in the Shield Generator room overlapped the Generator asset on Space Assault maps.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where enemy AI fired less frequently and less accurately.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Gameplay would fail to start after the countdown finished in a 64-player game.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the tables and bar tops were extremely bright on the Mos Eisley map.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue with Lightsabers being too bright and having their colors washed out when in brighter areas.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue with the intensity of the flickering lights on Utapau being too high.
  • [BF2] Fixed various issues around the camera shaking upon falling off the map or death.
  • [BF2] Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning maps.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue with Ki Adi Mundi’s voice lines not playing properly.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where lightning flash VFX would display through walls on Kamino.
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue where users could not connect to private servers with the correct passwords.
  • [BF1] Fixed an occasional crash that could occur on launch.
  • Fixed an issue where the respawn countdown timer would be stuck at 1.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck on the “Waiting for players” screen after joining a multiplayer game with active players.
  • Fixed an issue where players could disconnect from the host when transitioning between maps.
  • Fixed an issue with the done button not showing up immediately on game end
  • Fixed an issue where the server list would take a long time to populate.
  • Improved stability in Public Servers.


  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an issue that caused Xbox button prompts to appear when playing with a PlayStation controller.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an occasional crash that could occur on the faction selection screen in Split Screen Galactic Conquest Versus mode.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where the Skip option could not be selected with the Left Mouse button during Galactic Conquest.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue where Villains would occasionally not be able to spawn in on Hero Assault servers.


  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed a crash that occurred when refreshing the server list.
  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an issue with servers not showing up the first time a search is attempted.
  • [BF2] Fixed an issue that caused a large fog wall to appear at the edge of the player’s vision on the Kashyyyk map.
  • [BF1] Fixed an issue with the draw distance being lower for both Kashyyyk maps.
  • Fixed issues with players occasionally not being able to join servers.

Nintendo Switch

  • [BF1][BF2] Fixed an issue where the loading screen would hang for longer than 15 seconds after selecting either game on the launch menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a force close error would occur when disconnecting a wireless controller before loading into a game.
  • Fixed an issue with Controller inputs not being detected when disconnecting a wireless controller and transitioning from Tabletop mode with joycons connected, to Handheld mode.