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A dedicated Stardew Valley player shares a look at their incredibly organized Forest Farm, earning praise from fellow players.

  •  Stardew Valley offers various farm types, like the intricately designed Forest Farm, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience.
  •  The game’s simple yet rewarding mechanics, charming characters, and peaceful story have garnered praise from a growing community.
  •  Update 1.6 brought new farms, dialogue, and quality of life improvements, attracting record numbers of players and expanding the game’s appeal.

The variety of farm types in Stardew Valley allow players to approach the game in a number of ways, including one fan who devised an intricately structured Forest Farm. With the release of Stardew Valley Update 1.6, both new and returning players have been jumping in to try out each of the different starter farms, leading many to share their farm layouts to assist and inspire others.

First released in 2016, Stardew Valley is a life-sim game with farming, fishing, foraging, mining, and crafting gameplay. The game has been heavily praised for its simple yet satisfying mechanics, relatable characters, and relaxing story. As more players try their hand at the indie title, fans are continuing to share looks at their farms in the hope of helping fellow community members.

Stardew Valley player Particular-Mine-6812 shared a snapshot of their neatly designed Forest Farm, showing others how to take advantage of the unique space while maintaining the wilderness atmosphere. The Forest Farm in Stardew Valley is one of many potential farm types, with this particular option giving players the ability to have their homestead located in the middle of a lush woodland. To maintain the forested theme, Particular-Mine-6812 chose to plant dozens of oak, maple, and pine trees throughout their entire farm, leaving just two fenced in plots of farmland for growing crops. Their beautiful layout includes several sheds, coops, and barns, in natural brown and green tones. Multiple ponds and Junimo huts add to the environmental design, showcasing a perfect balance between civilization and the wilderness.

Farm Types In Stardew Valley

While some players may choose to begin their journey in the countryside of Pelican Town at the Forest Farm, there are plenty of other fun options to pick from. The standard farm will be selected by default, but players can also select the Riverlands Farm, the Four Corners Farm, the Beach Farm, and the newly added Meadowlands Farm, among others. Each farm type offers certain specialties, such as the Riverlands Farm providing increased fishing opportunities for players who enjoy the angler gameplay, or the Meadowlands Farm being the perfect start for animal lovers, as that farm type begins players with a free coop and two chickens. Many may advise new players to settle for the standard farm, but the diverse gameplay paths in Stardew Valley make each farm viable for first-timers and veterans alike.

Update 1.6 saw the addition of a new farm, tons of fresh dialogue, and additional quality of life improvements, among a slew of other positive changes, drawing in audiences far and wide and leading to record player counts for Stardew Valley. The beloved indie game continues to grow in scope, and fans will want to stay tuned for more community contributions and official updates for Stardew Valley.