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Numerous upset players are turning against The Crew 2 and review bombing Ubisoft’s online-only multiplayer racing video game.

  • Players are review bombing The Crew 2 over Ubisoft’s decision to shut down support for the original game.
  •  The online-only racing game has faced backlash from fans who feel cheated by the delisting of The Crew.
  •  Outraged gamers are giving The Crew 2 negative reviews and accusing Ubisoft of anti-consumer practices.

Players are review bombing The Crew 2 in response to Ubisoft’s recent decision to shut down support for 2014’s The Crew. Nearly six years after its release, The Crew 2 landed in the middle of a heated conflict between the franchise’s longtime fans and its own creators. The online-only racing game has since seen a spike in negative reviews, reflecting the tumultuous relationship between its player base and the studio behind the series’ development.

Many fans were outraged when Ubisoft announced plans to delist The Crew from official stores and shut down servers by March 31, 2024, and the topic only grew more controversial after the developer’s promises came to pass. Players, many of whom were already critical of the franchise’s online-only system, rallied against Ubisoft’s decision to take away The Crew from their personal accounts and accused the company of theft, stating that they were not warned that they would no longer be able to play the game after the servers were shut down.

Now, some outraged players have taken to review bombing The Crew 2‘s Steam page in retaliation. While the sequel’s overall score remains fairly high at 83% with 59,872 scores, its recent reviews statistic fell to a “Mostly Negative” rating at 32%, one of the lowest if not the lowest score in the franchise’s history.

Players Are Furious Over The Crew Shutdown

The negative reviews primarily criticized Ubisoft’s decision to delist The Crew, with many users asking how long it would take the developer to take down its sequel in turn. Other reviewers further discouraged potential buyers from purchasing the game, citing Ubisoft’s previous decisions and claiming there were better racing game alternatives in the market. Some additionally demanded a refund from Ubisoft for its complete shutdown of The Crew.

Since it decided to delist and take away access to The Crew, resentment for Ubisoft has continued to grow among the gaming community, with many believing the developer’s decision was blatantly anti-consumer in nature and spelled a dark turn for the industry as a whole. Some players even went so far as to threaten legal action against Ubisoft, claiming the company’s decision to permanently erase the game violated consumer protection laws from several regions.

While server shutdowns might be an accepted inevitability in the modern gaming industry, a majority of players believe that granting a developer the right to take away a product that a consumer already paid for is a slippery slope, especially when considering the rising trend of digitization in video games. Users took a stand against the practice, but it remains to be seen if Ubisoft and other companies will listen to their voices or if The Crew 2 will go the way of its predecessor.