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With the complicated development of The Wolf Among Us 2, fans who have been anxious for news about the game can now enjoy new screenshots.

  •  New screenshots reveal exciting new scenarios in The Wolf Among Us 2, bringing hope to eager fans of the series.
  •  Geoff Keighley confirms game in production at Telltale, showcasing updated UI and intriguing investigation scenes.
  •  Fans anticipate the return of Bigby Wolf in a new mystery, with speculation of a possible reveal at the 2024 Summer Game Fest.

New screenshots have been revealed for The Wolf Among Us 2. The video game adaptation of Bill Willingham’s Fables comics has been long-anticipated. The first Wolf Among Us game began its release in 2013, ultimately publishing a complete collection of all five episodes in 2015. Since then, fans have been excited to see a return to Bigby Wolf’s story, as the game and comics have left enough potential for plenty of other parts of the world to explore in The Wolf Among Us 2.

In 2017 at San Diego Comic Con, Telltale Studios announced that they would be working on a second Wolf Among Us game. The release was set for 2018, delayed to 2019, and after many complications, the studio closed, officially canceling the game. Later, Telltale was brought back by LCG Entertainment, and at the 2019 Game Awards, the game was officially announced. Fans were thrilled to see that The Wolf Among Us would eventually see another release.

A Twitter post by Geoff Keighley shares that The Wolf Among Us 2 is officially in production at Telltale, along with brand-new screenshots. Recent updates about Deck Nine and Telltale confirmed The Wolf Among Us 2 was being worked on, but little more was known by the public besides the fact that Deck Nine had been involved in a pre-production script, and the game was being made. The new screenshots show off new scenes of Bigby in conversation and the game’s updated UI during an investigation.

Fans are already very excited to have new information about The Wolf Among Us 2. These gamers are even more excited that the information comes with screenshots. Fans of the series have been worried about the game’s release after the disappointment that came with its cancelation years ago. Plenty have spent time attempting to predict the release date for The Wolf Among Us 2, but now, fans have hope that it may arrive soon.

The Wolf Among Us 2 already appears to place Bigby in interesting situations. The terse conversations and investigation scenarios that the screenshots show off imply that a new mystery will be ready for players to explore. As for the next time fans will see the game, the fact that Geoff Keighley was the one to make the post increases the likelihood that fans will see The Wolf Among Us 2 at the 2024 Summer Game Fest, or possibly during the Game Awards.