Valheim Fan Builds Replica of Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Academy

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  • Valheim player recreates Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Academy, showcasing impressive building skills and dedication to the game.
  • The recreation involved the use of Valheim console commands, debug mode, and mods like Heightmaps to surpass the game’s limitations.
  • Despite technical limitations causing frame rate issues, the player’s dedication highlights the creative potential in Valheim’s building system.

Valheim player has built an impressive replica of the Raya Lucaria Academy from Elden Ring. Since Valheim was released, players have made some incredible bases, but this one may be among the most impressive.

Valheim was released with dozens of materials for players to craft with, and multiple patches have added more to the game since. Iron Gate Studio dropped the Valheim Ashlands update in April 2024, and it included a new biome, fresh building materials, resources, and equipment, and adjustments to enemy spawns. Prior to the Ashlands update, many gamers were clambering to progress through the available biomes and bosses before new ones were introduced. One player instead chose to replicate the massive Raya Lucaria Academy from Elden Ring using a few workarounds.

YouTuber Jcberenklauw recently shared a video detailing their painstaking recreation of Elden Ring‘s Raya Lucaria Academy in Valheim. The clip begins with the camera focusing on one of the smaller buildings and a bridge from the Raya Lucaria Academy. The player then shows multiple angles of the building before panning to three massive towers that challenge the game’s build limits. The video showcases some frame rate dips due to the number of instances running in the area simultaneously. A portion of the video pans up the towers to highlight object pop in, while another segment shows one of the completed interiors. Despite one building being fully furnished, the YouTuber confirmed that some interiors are empty.

How Was This Elden Ring Location Made?

The gamer used Valheim console commands, debug mode, and mods like Heightmaps. Heightmaps is used to raise or lower terrain without constraints, permitting them to lift the game’s ceiling higher than it otherwise would be. Console commands were mostly used to spawn rocks that circumvented the need to ensure each building was structurally secured to the ground according to the game’s physics. According to the YouTuber, the building process took around 250 hours, and the frame rate has dipped as low as 6 frames per second in the area. Among the materials used to make this Elden Ring location include Stone, Wood, Iron, Bronze, and different types of Wood.

Although this replica of Raya Lucaria Academy is an incredible build, the video highlights the technical limitations of Valheim. For this player to continue to make dedications to Elden Ring in the survival game, they may need to start new games to prevent crashes. As Iron Gate Studio continues to update the game, frame issues like this may be resolved in a future patch.